Friday, October 7, 2011

All Dolled Up

From sketching people's faces to doing makeup on people.

Arts and crafts are the things I enjoy since I was younger, it is the outlet of my emotions. Creating jewelries, designing clothes, writing poems, and a lot of sketching! I must admit that I have not been much into makeup way back when I was still embracing my pencils, sketchpads, paints, beads, etc. I was okay with just powder and lipgloss in my purse.

My interest in makeup only started when my sister asked me to do her hair and makeup for their prom. Since then, I tried experimenting with the eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush and realized that doing makeup is very much like painting on a canvass! -But of course, skin care still go with it. And from then on, I welcomed makeup to my arts... with open arms!

Finally, I decided to set up a new blog which is intended only for my love of beauty and makeup! Gotta expect that this blog will be a lot about kakikayan! I will be posting about beauty products, makeup looks/ideas, makeup artists that I admire, photographers and other people I work with, events and photoshoots that I participated in... basta anything and everything that involves beauty and makeup!

Come and join me on my journey as a freelance makeup artist! Let's go!!!

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