Monday, January 30, 2012

MAKE UP FOR EVER La Boheme Spring 2012 Collection

Floral motifs, butterflies, vintage, 70s fashion, ethnic influences, embroidery, free-spirit, art... everything that describes a Boho-chic is like an overload of happy thoughts! Don't you agree?

"MAKE UP FOR EVER draws from this trend and creates a glam gypsy collection"! This includes the Color Fever palette, Rouge Artist Natural lipstick in Red Coral (Folk) and Peach Beige (Boheme) and Aqua Eyes (Gypsy).

So excited that I got the gorgeous palette and Folk shade lipstick!

The limited edition palette is placed in a cardboard box with colorful patchwork designs. It was mentioned that these beautiful details are pieces collected by Dany Sanz from her travels. Oh lovely!

This pretty is opened with a purple silk ribbon.
An iconic flower stands out in this collection.

Color Fever eyeshadow palette features 2 pearly and 4 sparkly finish eyeshadows in a new baked formula. It can be applied dry for a sheer and natural look; or wet to create a more intensified look.

These pearly and sparkly eyeshadows in pastel tones gives a fresh look which can be worn daytime or evening.
Swatches (without primer):


Rouge Artist Natural lipstick in Red Coral (Folk). The whole look of this product is customized with a Bohemian design. The retractor has this beautiful imprints of leaves plus the flower icon on the MAKE UP FOR EVER logo can be seen on the cap.  So pretty!

It gives this sheer natural finish and feels so light. It is also a plus that it doesn't give that sticky feeling on the lips due to it's "melt-away" formula. Now, who ain't gonna love this?!


Aqua Eyes La Boheme in matte dark brown shade (Gypsy). This one also has the gypsy-inspired design on the cap. I have read good reviews about this eye pencil and gotta have it soon. You can never go wrong with waterproof eye products.

Photo Courtesy


La Boheme Spring 2012 Collection!
  • Color Fever eyeshadow palette - Php2,300
  • Rouge Artist Natural lipstick La Boheme - Php1,280
  • Aqua Eyes - Php980

MAKE UP FOR EVER branches:
  • Level 3 Shangri-la Plaza Mall
    • Tel. no. 569-5235
  • B:8 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global Taguig City 
    • Tel. no. 856-5243

A huge thanks again to miss Grace Ambrocio.



Saturday, January 28, 2012

MAKE UP FOR EVER La Boheme Theme Day!

Hello! How did you guys spend your Saturday?

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and we were invited to come in our 70's Bohemian look for the MAKE UP FOR EVER's La Boheme Theme Day which was held at the Bonifacio High Street. I decided to wear this Bomehian top which I got from Forever 21, paired with a mini skirt, bangles and strut with my high wedge shoes from Rusty Lopez. For my makeup: it's a green eyeshadow, yellow highlights and blue shades to contour my eyes, pink blush and orange-ish lips. I'm so loving this theme!

Trisha, model, me and miss Yuki

I got there just in time and was able to meet other makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts who were so nice and friendly. Special thanks to their Marketing Executive, miss Grace Ambrocio!

Ms. Grace Ambrocio

This event is mainly to introduce to us their limited edition Le Boheme Palette, La Boheme Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick and Aqua Eyes La Boheme (pencil). Miss Yuki showed to us how it is done using the whole collection.

...and I'm lucky to get this limited edition collection for myself. I shall share with you guys the swatches on my next post.



Thursday, January 19, 2012

BULLETIN: Make Up For Ever: La Boheme Contest

Hello guys!

Want to win the entire MAKE UP FOR EVER La Boheme Spring 2012 Collection?
 It looks so pretty huh?

It's time to grab your favorite MAKE UP FOR EVER products in your kikay kit, unleash the makeup artist in you and create your very own Bohemian Chic Look!
Just don't forget to take a photo of yourself and email it to
on or before January 22, 2012!

So good luck!!!

Here are the complete details on how to join:
  1. Creat your very own Bohemian look, while using at least three MAKE UP FOR EVER products in your entire look, and take a photo of yourself.
  2. Send your colored photo to, on or before January 22, 2012, with the Subject: "La Boheme Contest" and include your Name, age, Contact Number, Address and state which MAKE UP FOR EVER products you used to complete your Bohemian look.
  3. Pre-selected photos will be posted on MAKE UP FOR EVER Philippines Facebook fan page on January 23, 2012. You will receive a notification via email that your photo has been pre-selected.
  4. Invite your friends to "LIKE" your photo on the official MAKE UP FOR EVER Philippines Facebook fan page. The photo that has the most number of "LIKES" wins.
  5. Winner will be posted on the official MAKE UP FOR EVER Philippines fan page on February 14, 2012.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Via Gone Goth

Our model, Via, requested something "emo" or "gothic" for our photoshoot. I suggested Lady Gaga's look in her music video "Judas" and she's ok with it.

Although I haven't seen the "Judas" video that much, Lady Gaga's makeup was stuck in my head the first time I saw it. I hope you guys like my rendition of her look.


 Model: Via Palma
Photographer: Bryan Villamor
HMUA: Patty Aricheta

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wensha Spa - Timog

Our trip to the Wensha Spa in Timog branch that night was a last minute decision. Talking about spontaneity huh? I love massages! Who can ever not resist relaxation? Who?
Tell me who!

Aside from massages, Wensha also offers other options like scrub, mani/pedi, and facial services that you can choose from. Unfortunately we can't take pictures because it's prohibited while inside the premises. So the only picture I can show you now is their logo courtesy of Google!

The service we availed is the Wensha Full Body Massage for 1 hour (Php680). That already includes the use of the wet floor (sauna and jacuzzi), lockers (with automated sensor locking device), all-you-can-eat buffet and Shabu Shabu (certain rates apply for left overs). You can stay inside the branch for a maximum of 6 hours, you would just have to pay Php100/hour for extension.

Once paid at the counter you will be handed with a bracelet with the automated sensor for the locker assigned to you. Then will have to surrender your shoes at the side and an attendant will replace them with rubber slippers which you shall use while inside the spa. I noticed that most of them are wearing red or blue but they gave me a yellow slipper! Special? Anyway, I didn't ask why since I just came to relax and eat! Haha!

Women's locker room/Jacuzzi
I proceeded to the women's locker room to change and soak in the jacuzzi. They have a hot and cold jacuzzi. They have a television inside so you won't get bored. Telenovelas, anyone? It took me about 30 minutes in the hot jacuzzi then 15 minutes in the cold jacuzzi before I finally took a shower. It was so relaxing!

Time to eat!
They have rice, pancit, liver, and pork... that's it pancit! So few. But the ingredients/choices for the Shabu Shabu are many! They have corn, cabbage, squid balls, chicken balls, bacon, siomai, etc. When I finally requested ice cream for dessert "sorry mam, ubos na po"  
 What will I have for dessert if that is their ONLY dessert available? Hayayay!

Wensha Body Massage
It is a 1 hour full body massage then the therapist will ask if you want some stretching after. I always take that option. It feels great! I often fall asleep during or after a very good massage so I asked my therapist if she can wake me up after 10 minutes. I hope I wasn't snoring! Just kidding. Or was I?

It was OK. There isn't much choices at the buffet but you can feast on their Shabu-Shabu. Jacuzzi, sauna and the massage is great.

Personally, I more enjoyed our experience in Pasay simply because it's bigger. The jacuzzi is huge! The massage rooms looks more classy and they got bigger dinning area with lots of food.

They have a new branch in Antipolo by the way. If you're planning to visit any of their branches just avoid it on weekend nights because it is surely crowded!

Have you guys been here? How's your experience?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Model: Via Palma

*added pics*

Hello guys! I just finished my first photoshoot for the year 2012 yesterday! Yipee! And of course I will share it with you as soon as I get my hands on the photos from the photographer.

Meanwhile, let me share with you the photos of my previous photoshoot with our model Vee-ah Palma. I have already posted before the story behind this photoshoot, if you happen to miss it you can read more about it here.

Are you guys ready for more photos?




Model: Via Palma
Photographer: Bryan Villamor
HMUA: Patty Aricheta

So what do you guys think? How did you spend your weekend?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Nivea Volume Shine Ultra Glossy

Photo Courtesy

Who among you can't go out without putting a lipstick or lipgloss? Please raise your hands!
I'm one of those who can't! 
Although most of the time in the office I would simply finish my no-make-up look with just a lip balm on my lips!

Last Christmas, I received a Nivea Volume Shine Ultra Glossy in Berry Jelly 03 shade from my bestfriend, Sharie.

It is a medium shade of pink with a bit violet-ish. I have tried it and I am so loving how this lipstick works as a lipgloss as well. It gives a great shine that is not over-the-top. Not as if you've just finished eating an oily porkchop! Hellooo! I must say that this is perfect for everyday use because it beautifully moisturizes dry lips and it feels great!


I have been using this almost everyday at work. This is now one of my favorites!
What's your favorite lipstick? Tell me about it!

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goals

Photo courtesy

Lately I've been tweeting about my New Year's Resolution! So far here are my resolutions:

1. Workout
  • Yes. I belong to that huge part of the statistics who wanted to lose weight after gaining some pounds from the holidays. I know this is tough not only for me but I guess to many people also who are trying so hard to lose or maintain their weight

2. Diet seriously

Gimme some!
  • Ok ok... this is another toughie! I would cry if I get a sight of chocolates, burger, fries, and ice cream! Maybe I can set a cheat day every month? You think that's ok? Just so I won't look so kawawa if I pass by a fast food, lean my hands on the glass teary-eyed while watching the people having a feast on burgers and fries! Haha!
Oh yeah!

 Oh well, Diet + Workout = Sexy Bodeh! Right?

3.  Think positive as much as possible
  • Been reading negative tweets and facebook statuses of friends. I want to at least post happy or positive thoughts, it makes me feel good plus it is contagious as well.
4.  Update my blog(s) regularly
  • I will make sure I'll be updating this every day or every week (at the very least). And I'm hoping that you enjoy reading my new "kikay" blog All Dolled Up where you can read about makeup, fashion, and other hip and trendy stuff! My other blog Blogalicious is more about my travels, food trips, and random thoughts.

So what are you guy's resolution or goals for the year 2012? Share it
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