Saturday, December 10, 2011

HD Beauty and Fashion Makeup Weekend 4

For our last day in school, sir Jeave discussed about doing bridal makeup and then miss Stef demonstrated to us the application using airbrush to compare its effect with the conventional makeup. The effect is nicely blended and the application is so quick! Airbrush, you're next on my list.

Miss Stef showing us how to apply airbrush makeup.

Here is my friend, Karen.
She was the first person that came to my mind when we were asked to bring a model for our graduation. I was so happy that she was able to make it on our special day!

Then we started our first look, the Bridal look.
Isn't she lovely?

It often takes me a while shaping and filling in the eyebrows, I should definitely practice more on that. However, I felt like I'm faster in base matching now which I think is a good start, eh? Karen, keeps looking at the eye color I've put on her and she keeps saying that it's very nice. Yey! And oh, our cool teachers also taught us how to put a few cup sizes for the occasion *wink*!

After the photoshoot for the Bridal look, we went back to our stations and worked on our second look which is Fashion/Avant Garde. I wanted to challenge myself by working on loud eye colors. Since it is Avant Garde, I can go crazy and unleash more of my creativity on this art. Here is my peg:

Colorful Makeup
I changed the directions on the eyebrows and eliminated the white line and played with the color orange. Here is my version:
The hair is inpired by Gwen Stefanie (thanks Jet)

The Avant Garde / Fashion photoshoot was a lot of fun too. Then it's our turn to get a class picture with our awesome teachers.

L-R: Ms. Stef, ate Weng, me, Camille, Jenny, Toni, Jam, and sir Jeave
I will never forget the whole experience in make up school, my very awesome teachers and talented classmates. The way I look at makeup and my procedure of applying it is so much different now. I am a truly proud graduate from HD Makeup Studio and Academy!

Congratulations to us Rowena, Camille, Jenny, Toni, and Jam! We are now graduates! Yey!

"Makeup is a perishable skill. Take time to practice or else, it will perish." - Mr. Jeave Gabiana

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