Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wensha Spa - Timog

Our trip to the Wensha Spa in Timog branch that night was a last minute decision. Talking about spontaneity huh? I love massages! Who can ever not resist relaxation? Who?
Tell me who!

Aside from massages, Wensha also offers other options like scrub, mani/pedi, and facial services that you can choose from. Unfortunately we can't take pictures because it's prohibited while inside the premises. So the only picture I can show you now is their logo courtesy of Google!

The service we availed is the Wensha Full Body Massage for 1 hour (Php680). That already includes the use of the wet floor (sauna and jacuzzi), lockers (with automated sensor locking device), all-you-can-eat buffet and Shabu Shabu (certain rates apply for left overs). You can stay inside the branch for a maximum of 6 hours, you would just have to pay Php100/hour for extension.

Once paid at the counter you will be handed with a bracelet with the automated sensor for the locker assigned to you. Then will have to surrender your shoes at the side and an attendant will replace them with rubber slippers which you shall use while inside the spa. I noticed that most of them are wearing red or blue but they gave me a yellow slipper! Special? Anyway, I didn't ask why since I just came to relax and eat! Haha!

Women's locker room/Jacuzzi
I proceeded to the women's locker room to change and soak in the jacuzzi. They have a hot and cold jacuzzi. They have a television inside so you won't get bored. Telenovelas, anyone? It took me about 30 minutes in the hot jacuzzi then 15 minutes in the cold jacuzzi before I finally took a shower. It was so relaxing!

Time to eat!
They have rice, pancit, liver, and pork... that's it pancit! So few. But the ingredients/choices for the Shabu Shabu are many! They have corn, cabbage, squid balls, chicken balls, bacon, siomai, etc. When I finally requested ice cream for dessert "sorry mam, ubos na po"  
 What will I have for dessert if that is their ONLY dessert available? Hayayay!

Wensha Body Massage
It is a 1 hour full body massage then the therapist will ask if you want some stretching after. I always take that option. It feels great! I often fall asleep during or after a very good massage so I asked my therapist if she can wake me up after 10 minutes. I hope I wasn't snoring! Just kidding. Or was I?

It was OK. There isn't much choices at the buffet but you can feast on their Shabu-Shabu. Jacuzzi, sauna and the massage is great.

Personally, I more enjoyed our experience in Pasay simply because it's bigger. The jacuzzi is huge! The massage rooms looks more classy and they got bigger dinning area with lots of food.

They have a new branch in Antipolo by the way. If you're planning to visit any of their branches just avoid it on weekend nights because it is surely crowded!

Have you guys been here? How's your experience?


  1. I really should try their Pasay branch because it's near my office.

    Such a bummer that their "buffet" consists all of 3-4 dishes lang, plus shabu-shabu.

    1. Oo girl! Personally, their Pasay branch is a better choice. :)


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