Monday, October 10, 2011

Etude House: Precious Mineral BB Cream Sheer Glowing Skin

Three weeks ago, Beverly Tanyag and I walked in Etude House and there right in front of us are the BB Creams! With Sandara Park as their image model- so gorgeous!

I have been hunting for a BB Cream, no no- wait, not for just a BB cream but a really good BB Cream that works well on Asian skin (and my sensitive skin too). Bev and I tested the products on our hands. The effect of the Sheer Glowing Skin caught my attention! After days of reading reviews about Etude House's BB Creams, I must say that the BB Cream Sheer Glowing Skin is bagging a lot of good reviews. So I finally decided to get one and see for myself.

On my first day and my first time, I was quite excited to test it. So I started by pumping a pea-size amount onto my hand. Applied dots on my face then did gentle patting motions with my fingertips until it is blended smoothly into my skin. When I finished, I got this pinkish and a bit gray-ish look which got me worried! First-timer jitters? If there is such term. I tried waiting for the BB Cream to set on my face for a while until it later blends on my skin tone very well -whew!

After three weeks of using this, It works great for me, considering that the coverage is so good that the dark spots and blemishes are no longer very visible. No need to put concealer! I must say that this looks great if you want a dewy finish. Plus, Etude House BB Creams all has whitening properties, has SPF30 PA++, and an anti-aging formula!

If you have oily skin (I have combination), better test it first. Though some has oily skin but this works okay with them. You can just pat a little powder on your forehead and nose. Otherwise you may want to consider the Sheer Silky Skin which gives a matte finish and has more oil control.

Have you tried this product? What do you think? ♥


  1. Pat, I bought the BB Magic Cream from Etude House.. Not sure though if it's the same as yours. Anyway, you know how sensitive my skin is (pimples here and there =l ) but still, out of curiosity (natural maarte I guess ;p), i tried Skin Food's BB cream. It has the same effect on me. At first application, it's grayish-pinkish, but through out the day, the cream did blend with my natural color, just a bit fairer and dewy. I like the effect but as expected, i got pimples after a few days. After that, I didn't attempt to use it again. A year or so has passed, I got hold of the Etude house BB Cream. I gave it a shot hoping that it won't "damage" my skin but unfortunately it did too. =( I very much like the effect of bb cream on my face but it's the break-outs that I am worried of. I heard there's one from Maybelline,,, will you be curious enough to try that one?

    Once you do, please let me know your review. ;) Would love to hear from you!=)

    Btw, if you find your BB cream too "fair" for you, i tried mixing it with a non-oily moisturizer (try neutrogena) and applied it on my neck as well. It works really good! (and delays pimple growth too ;p haha)

  2. oh,,, is it that one in the photo? if that's the one, the one that i tried is the blue one. =)

  3. Hello Janssen!
    The one I'm using is "Glowing Skin" (pink bottle), not sure if it's the same bottle in the photo. Baka ibang shade yun sayo?
    I had pimples in the first week that I used it too. But I gave it like -an adjustment period? (haha). So nagtiyaga muna ako for another week and it's working well now. I've seen Maybelline's BB Cream, quite hesitant to try it though (want skin product tested on Asian skin) hehe.
    I have a friend who tried Maybelline's BB Cream, I can go ask her how it works for her. ^_^

  4. The BB cream Ive tried from EH was BB Magic Cream(the purple one) and it disappointed me... It caused me to breakout. Now I have all these blemishes. But since I like Etude house so much I might try precious mineral next. Good review:)

  5. Thanks anonymous and good luck!


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