Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's up "brow"?

A nicely shaped eyebrows attract attention and frame our beautiful eyes. The shape can totally make a person's appearance look different. If you tweez too much and create a very thin line, it will make the person look weird or worse, OLD! We don't want a kontrabida look, right?

Kontrabida? Me?!

Shaping your eyebrow for the first time? I would advice that you have a professional shape it then do the maintenance by yourself every time there is a sight of stray hair. However, you can always go to a salon monthly if you're not very tight on the budget.

Here are the steps on shaping eyebrows:

  • Look at the natural shape of your brows and then follow the shape on the photo
  • With the use of an eyebrow pencil place it vertically at the side of your nose (see figure 1) then you can put a mark on your brows so you have a guide. Then remove any hair that is outside that line.
  • Next, starting at the side of your nose again, tilt the pencil and cross the pupil of your eye (see figure 2). That is where your arch should be.
  • Then tilt your pencil further more until you reach the corner of your eye (see figure 3). That's where your eyebrow should end.
  • The end of your eyebrow should be slightly higher to give a lift or make the eyes look "happy". 
  • Never over pluck. Thin brows makes the person look old.
  • The color of the eyebrows should be slightly lighter than your hair color.

Shaping a client's eyebrow used to take me ages! Once I'm done with the last brow, I feel like the other brow already grown already. LOL. But of course, that's purely exaggeration. Kidding aside, it simply takes a lot of practice!

Let me share with you an eyebrow experience last weekend during a fashion shoot with a friend. Meet Danica, 14. She is starting her portfolio on becoming a model. She's very young, sweet and pretty!

Here's the thing when it comes to shaping the eyebrows of teenage clients: I always ask if they've done eyebrow shaping before (except if it's obvious that their eyebrows are already neatly shaped). If yes, then proceed. If no, I always ask permission if you should proceed on shaping it.

In this case, Danica has never done eyebrow shaping and doesn't want it to be touched yet. But she's ok with trimming them. Here she is after I did her smokey eye.

So what do you think?

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