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Basic Makeup Tools

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Question: How much do you love makeup? This much? Or thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much? 
I know most girls love makeup and all the kikay stuff… it’s a girl thing! Right? But not only makeup, we also need the right tools for the job.

Here are the BASIC makeup and tools you need:

There are brush sets for personal and for professional use. When you buy, you can feel the texture of the brushes before purchasing, just to check it's softness and if it doesn't shed.
I honestly got the “personal set” plus some single brushes I purchased from different brands when I was in makeup school. But when I graduated, I finally bought the professional set as a gift for myself. I highly recommend Suesh, not only because most makeup artists uses this brand but because I know the quality of their brushes is really good.

There’s no need to buy all the shades available at the makeup counter. Panic buying?Haha! Relax! You will only need light, medium, and dark shades then you can simply mix them together whenever needed. For personal use, make sure it matches your skin tone.

Creamy but lightweight concealers are meant to even out the tone of the skin. Choosing the wrong shade can either highlight or darken a spot. Nobody wanted to look like a dalmatian! ;p

This is to set your makeup. A loose powder or pressed powder that matches the shade of the skin. Don't get yourself look like an espasol so careful using a white loose powder!

The beautiful colors are calling our attention, I know most of us are such a sucker for these! You can buy them in singles and quads. But for makeup artists, the best is to get them in palettes! Test the colors' pigmentation, one layer of application should already show colors. Don't be a victim and settle for some brands where you applied 10+ layers of eyeshadows already and the color is still white. Of course, I’m exaggerating but you get what I mean?

These are available in liquid (try Avon), gel/cream (you can check E.L.F. or Maybelline), or pencil (I’ve read that Ever Bilena is suggested by most). I recently purchased 1 Ever Bilena eye pencil. Will post my review after I test it. 

Black and brown colors are commonly used. Better if it’s waterproof with volumizing and lengthening formula. I use Maybelline and I love it!

Pink and peach shades of blush are enough. As for contour, you gotta have the matte finish and must look natural as possible when applied. Do not get the shinny (shimmery splendid?) ones unless you want a bronzed look.

This should match the shade of your lipstick for definition and durability.

Red, pink and nude colors are good to start with.

Facial tissue, wet wipes, cotton swabs, makeup remover, eyelash curler, false lashes, lash adhesive, lip balms, disposable applicators, sponges.

This is the most important thing before anything else. But this will be easy if you really love what you’re doing. Unless you’re having a bad day, keep this quote in mind: “Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic.”

So there you have it! I hope this helps you in building your makeup kit! You can also use this list if you're planning to go to a makeup school.

Good luck!



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