Friday, October 7, 2011

BTS: Kids

This is my very first time to do make up on little kids ages 2 to 11! It is very challenging since children's skins could be very sensitive on the harsh contents of certain cosmetics! My co-MUA and I was very strict in choosing the right cosmetics for our little models. Everything should be hypo-allergenic and disposable to avoid irritation on the little ones' skins. Sponges, eye and lip applicators... these are all disposable!

I got in the Summit Studio a bit earlier than our 8AM call time. Gotta prepare all the things that we need for the kid's hair and make up. Until batch by batch they started coming in our station. The batches of the little girls are pretty easy to manage since some of them do love make up, while some of the boys are really quite aloof. Although after explaining to most of them that we just need to put powder on their noses and foreheads (to avoid shiny faces on photos) they already felt okay with it.

We finished the whole 12 layouts for the URC Flour's 2012 Calendar at around 5:30PM. It was so dead tiring but we had soooo much fun! "Shooting 30 kids in one day is not a joke" @JamirDesign tweeted. But it was just so fun to see the kids enjoy the photo shoot, they are all so cute! Unfortunately, I didn't get to take photos with the kids since I was very very busy to simply get my camera and take pictures with them.

However, here are some behind-the-scene photos from sir Junie Jumig:

That's Jamir, the photographer for this project. 
While Karen checks the shots in the computer.

Jamir and Karen, discussing the shots.

More kulitan pictures from Jamir:

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