Saturday, November 19, 2011

HD Beauty and Fashion Makeup Weekend 1

Didn't get much sleep a night before the first day of makeup school, why? Because I'm so excited!

Whenever I put makeup on other people I can't help but ask myself at times if I'm doing the makeup procedures the right way. It's not enough to just know the basics, I want to know MORE about makeup and applying it the right way. The "why" and the "how" of applying makeup.

I chose HD Makeup Studio and Academy because...
  • This is the only makeup school that caters High Definition makeup for fashion and beauty (Evening Makeup, Bridal, Fashion, Avant Garde, etc)! Other schools offer HD as an advanced course.
  • They only accept 9 to 12 students per class so they sure are to check your work, like every 5 minutes, almost like a one-on-one course.
  • The academy provides the models for you, so no worries on searching for a victim... i mean, model.
  • The people here and the instructors sir Jeave and miss Steph together with their assistants are very cool and friendly.
  • The school is very accessible. It's only in Ortigas.
  • It perfectly fits my schedule. I took the weekend course
On our first day of classes, I learned not just about putting makeup on but also to identify different face shapes and eye shapes and where to put the highlights, midtone shades, and contour to further enhance the beauty of that person.

My hands-on work:

No Makeup Look



Evening LookBefore


And that wraps up my first day of makeup school! I hope you enjoy!

Below are the links to my next class >>>

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