Friday, January 6, 2012

Nivea Volume Shine Ultra Glossy

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Who among you can't go out without putting a lipstick or lipgloss? Please raise your hands!
I'm one of those who can't! 
Although most of the time in the office I would simply finish my no-make-up look with just a lip balm on my lips!

Last Christmas, I received a Nivea Volume Shine Ultra Glossy in Berry Jelly 03 shade from my bestfriend, Sharie.

It is a medium shade of pink with a bit violet-ish. I have tried it and I am so loving how this lipstick works as a lipgloss as well. It gives a great shine that is not over-the-top. Not as if you've just finished eating an oily porkchop! Hellooo! I must say that this is perfect for everyday use because it beautifully moisturizes dry lips and it feels great!


I have been using this almost everyday at work. This is now one of my favorites!
What's your favorite lipstick? Tell me about it!

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