Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goals

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Lately I've been tweeting about my New Year's Resolution! So far here are my resolutions:

1. Workout
  • Yes. I belong to that huge part of the statistics who wanted to lose weight after gaining some pounds from the holidays. I know this is tough not only for me but I guess to many people also who are trying so hard to lose or maintain their weight

2. Diet seriously

Gimme some!
  • Ok ok... this is another toughie! I would cry if I get a sight of chocolates, burger, fries, and ice cream! Maybe I can set a cheat day every month? You think that's ok? Just so I won't look so kawawa if I pass by a fast food, lean my hands on the glass teary-eyed while watching the people having a feast on burgers and fries! Haha!
Oh yeah!

 Oh well, Diet + Workout = Sexy Bodeh! Right?

3.  Think positive as much as possible
  • Been reading negative tweets and facebook statuses of friends. I want to at least post happy or positive thoughts, it makes me feel good plus it is contagious as well.
4.  Update my blog(s) regularly
  • I will make sure I'll be updating this every day or every week (at the very least). And I'm hoping that you enjoy reading my new "kikay" blog All Dolled Up where you can read about makeup, fashion, and other hip and trendy stuff! My other blog Blogalicious is more about my travels, food trips, and random thoughts.

So what are you guy's resolution or goals for the year 2012? Share it

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