Monday, March 19, 2012

BTS: Daniel Tan Photography (pt2)

Hi guys! So here's the continuation of my work with Daniel Tan...

After I'm done with Lily's makeup, next on my workstation is another young model Holly (Erin White). She has very nice fair skin. As per instruction of Miss Eughie Teng (Managing Director of Elite Manila), I did very natural and fresh makeup on Holly too.

No makeup yet, but she still looks so pretty!

Me at work
Hairstyling by ate Glo.

I failed to get Holly's "after" photo. But I gotta tell you she looks gorgeous! Will definitely post her photoshoot photos once I get the copies.

I also did Robbie Becroft's makeup.

Before and After: Robbie Becroft

And that wraps up my visit in Elite Studios. I had fun and I met new friends too! Jen Chua and Fashion Stylist, Shane Alebastro.

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