Monday, March 19, 2012

URC 2012 Calendar

It was way back late last year that we were asked to do hair and makeup mostly on the kids for the 2012 Calendar. And here are the photos... enjoy!

The persons which I did hair and makeup on are marked with an asterisk (*).

JANUARY: Alyssa Macaraig, Jamaica Dairo*, and Ysa Viduya*.

FEBRUARY: Louise Gupit*, Nikko Ines and Precious Ines*.

MARCH: Ian Sermonia and Bea Sermonia*

APRIL: Rayantha MadriƱan*, Rykel MadriƱan, and Yaree Yumig*

MAY: Adanoa Viduya*, JC Fernando, JM Fernando*, and Gabby Mosuela.

JUNE: Ellyn Lee*

JULY: Barney, Icca Ilagan*, and Nikki Ilagan.

AUGUST: Yzha Cubilla* and Adrienne Angchanco.

SEPTEMBER: Yaree Jumig*, Jedi Jumig*, and Nicole Abella*.

OCTOBER: Bobot Acupan* and Jilliana Ebora*.

NOVEMBER: Irie Miguel, Miguel Mosuela*, Angel Mosuela* and Gabby Mosuela*.

DECEMBER: Luigi Magadia*, Mr. Gerry Magadia*, Isabel Magadia and Mrs. Magadia*.


Jason Mirapiles Photography
Hair and Makeup by Patty Aricheta and Beverly Tanyag
Coordinators: URC Flour Marketing Department
Fashion Stylist: RJ Roque
Graphic Artist/Group: H.I.P.
Location: Summit Studio


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