Thursday, December 8, 2011

BTS: Vee-ah Vee

One afternoon during a non-working holiday, I met up with my friend photographer Bryan and his girlfriend Rubie for a photoshoot with another friend, Vee-ah.

It was the first time I met Vee-ah and she's very easy to go along with. She wanted to have 2 looks. She requested the first look to be something "light" and the other one is "emo".

So for the first look, I suggested a yellow smokey eye kind of like the sunset. Those colors are really nice, yes?

After (that's Bryan at the back! haha!)

During the photoshoot (still waiting for clear copies from Bry)

For the 2nd look, I have this peg of Lady Gaga from her "Judas" music video. It's takes a natural makeup on the eyelids and lots of eyeliners!

Lady Gaga

Vee-ah liked the idea so I created this look on her with a little alterations on the tail.

Lady Vee-ah!
Stolen shot

Setting up

It's hard to make someone cry or look serious (for the emo shots) when we are all laughing! Thanks to the oranges and mineral water we brought, we got instant iyakin model. Haha! The photoshoot was fun and wacky with some really hilarious moments.

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