Monday, December 19, 2011

Makeup for Men

Your makeup artist won't do this to you!

During the weekend, I was with my friend photographer, Jeffrey Aguillon, for a fashion shoot. He introduced me to the models Danica and Rocky. Both of them are starting their modeling portfolio now, so watch out!

Aside from the nice and reserved personality, I can tell that Rocky takes care of his skin very well plus he has this very fair complexion with a slight hint of blushing cheeks.

Jeff adviced me that Rocky doesn't want makeup. I told them that he might look pale in the pictures if we will leave his skin as it is. I also explained that I would just need to apply a bit of darker foundation for him to look better and healthier.
So with my convincing powers... <chimes sound>
Rocky sat and had his makeup taken care by yours truly <bow>

He was a bit shy at first so I try to manage a little chit chat while doing his makeup so he can feel comfortable. He told me that it was his first time ever! Then I asked him how it feels like to finally experience getting a makeup, he beamed and told me "Ang saya nga eh, parang facial massage" :))

Here's Rocky:

Before (notice his pinkish cheeks and forehead)

Most men doesn't really like the idea of putting makeup especially for photoshoots and special occasions. It is understandable that they probably feel like it lessens their macho-ness and that it is only girly stuff. But some men nowadays wear makeup too and it is acceptable... hence, we call them "metrosexual men"!

For the guy's daily grooming it is ok to use face powder to absorb the facial oils, concealer for any blemishes, and lip balm for dry lips. Skin care is also important for them to look better and feel great too.

So next time guys don't be shy! It's ok to be kikay a bit but not too much, ok? Looking good boosts confidence!

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