Sunday, December 4, 2011

PETA's Care Divas

Care Divas
A huge thanks to our friend Aze of Sybex for the complementary invites to this wonderful event! I can't help but to feel ecstatic when I heard about this. I always wanted to watch a play since this is something that we don't do often.

It is a musical drama-comedy about five Filipino transgenders who worked in Israel as care-givers by day, and drag queen performers by night. While desperate to cope with their experiences overseas, they struggle with their experiences in work, cultural differences and loneliness.

The story is mainly about the lives of Chelsea, who amongst the five characters seems to have the nicest employer whom she calls "Daddy Isaac"; Shai, who is most of the time is haunted by the nagging of her mother; together with their friends the buff yet girly, Kyla; the flirty and naive, Thalia; and the aggressive Jonie.

I enjoyed very much the fun dance performances, their original music and the witty comedy. I was so much in awe that I felt like I forgot that my mouth was open. Hahaha! But apart from that, it shows us a deeper story and see what is really going on behind those hardwork for "pasalubong" or "padala" of overseas Filipino workers.

At the end of the show, we got a chance for a meet and greet with the actors and take pictures with them. They are awesome!

My favorite is Kyla (Jerald Napoles). At the meet and greet, I immediately ran toward him!
Jerald Napoles as Kyla

Next is with Shai (Vincent de Jesus). I like the touch of teddy bears on his wardrobe.
Vincent de Jesus as Shai

And of course, Chelsea. I felt slightly embarrassed afterwards when I blurted out "you're so pretty!", I really just can't help it!!! Coz she is! Oh I mean, HE is! Doesn't he? Well hey, it's a compliment!

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